2019 Award Nominations are open until August 15, 2019

Outstanding Team Member
of the Year Award

This award recognizes a person who is not the direct manager/director of a mail center, but has gone beyond their normal work duties and has been an example for others to follow. This person made a major impact in their mail center that is significant and noteworthy of recognition.

Nominees of this award do not have to be listed as a member of ARMCUMS, but the manager/director of the person must be
an active member.

Alan Burke Mail Manager
of the Year Award

The Mail Manager of the Year Award is for outstanding leadership and management of the Mail Services organization at the nominees institution of higher education. Changes to traditional mail industry, the scope and control may include mail
involved operations or combination with print and/or copy services. The person submitting the nomination should be able to explain why this candidate’s operation meets this high standard.

The candidate should have experience in management or supervision and be a current member of ARMCUMS
in good standing.

Distinguished Service

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual’s significant, unselfish and untiring service in the local, regional and /or national mailing industry. Their example to peers and coworkers alike demonstrates leadership, dedication, and professionalism, which inspires peers and coworkers to do likewise.

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