ARMCUMS Business Partner Website Sponsorship

The ARMCUMS Business Partner Website Sponsorship will include placement of your logo on the ARMCUMS website, under the Supporting Business Partner section of our homepage, for the period of one fiscal year. Your logo will be a clickable link to your website. *

For additional information, please contact Becky Goldsmith at, (928) 717.7734 or


* Fiscal year is July 1 through June 30. Prorated option of $56.00 is only available for 2018. Future years will not be prorated regardless of the date of request. Annual fee is renewable by July 1. If renewal fee is not received by July 1, logo and link will be removed until renewal payment is received.

ARMCUMS, Inc. is not responsible for web traffic to your website via the link provided on our website.

This agreement provides permission to advertise as a “Supporting Business Partner of ARMCUMS”.

The ARMCUMS Executive Board must approve all applications for website sponsorship prior to your logo being placed on our website. The nature of the business of all applicants must be applicable, relevant and in the best interest of ARMCUMS membership. The ARMCUMS Executive Board holds the right to terminate website sponsorship if a Business Partner is found to be exhibiting unethical behaviors.

Please submit one application per business.

After you submit your form, please upload your logo and make your payment.

Thank you!

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Annual Website Sponsorship - regularly $75 - prorated for 2018 only!